Friday storms rolling in ... 🌧 over Bangkok

Sometimes you can get lucky with the cloud formation, last Friday the clouds rolled in. Taken on a M50 and just processed with RAW conversion only …


Very nice shot with a lot of drama. Could be also a good B&W


Great capture of both the buildings and the weather. Almost looks like the moment before an alien invasion…

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Good shot, the clouds make the picture stand out.

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Looks like some nasty weather coming on, fantastic shot Don.

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That really pops (wasn’t there a “photo pop” option in the classic Adjust? it gives the look that that would)!

I like the contrast of the beige-y buildings with the ominous dark clouds.

The image clearly looks processed (probably b/c of the contrast/clarity on the bldgs), but not overdone. The clouds are especially great - they don’t tip over into that ‘crunchy’ HDR over-processed & overly contrasty look. These look like you probably saw them that way and just had to ‘help’ the camera out a bit for drama…

Of course this was processed by a RAW converter but apart from brightening midtones and shadows it is a technique I use of using the in-camera histogram to reveal the shadows as there are little or no highlights in this scene.

I think it was mentioned in tips and tricks previously. FYI I only use products like Adjust, TS etc for artistic effects. :slight_smile:

It’s a really nice capture and finished image. I found I just kept looking at it a lot to study the various elements that were there as well as liking the aesthetics of it. I don’t know about you, but I get so thrilled with myself (in my case b/c it’s so rare!) when I produce something of that caliber! Are you going to print and hang it at all?

No, I am lucky that the condo I own is in a building that faces East so the Western view as you see here is just standard and during the monsoon season many opportunities for dramatic images … great opportunities for night images to the West also and beautiful lighting for the buildings to the West in the morning. So have lots to choose from :slight_smile:

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