Francis of Assisi

statue close to Sansepolcro/Italy
Capture One, Topaz Studio


Hi Peter,

I like the composition and the sky. However, Francis looks quite dark. I think bumping him up 2 or 3 stops to zone 6 to 7 would look great.

Best regards


think @ScottO has a valid point


Cool work but I agree, a little dark …


I agree with the others about tweaking the darkness on the sculpture.

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Thanks @ScottO, @el48tel, @BobKramer and @cre8art for your comments. Yes, poor Francis is too dark. Here is a hopefully brighter version of this historical person.

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I know I’m going to be criticized … but …your highlights and whites need to be closer to where they were … they are now too bright

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no, not at all. I just looked at the jpeg again and found lots of artefacts. I will have to do this from scratch = RAW again…

In Capture One would do a basic edit …
Brighten shadows
Brighten mid-tones

Then adjust the highlights last - you don’t want to blow them

Forget Studio etc — that’s making it more complicated

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Ok Terry @el48tel, want to close the subject. This one I did in Capture One only. Adjustment layers for darkening the background and brightening Francis. As far as I am concerned no clipping, no blown highlights.

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Sorry if it’s got to you ----but hey - I think you got there

No, no it didn’t. I had something in mind but did not execute what I had in mind. Simple as that.

Fair comment - but I think you made a crackingly good image with the last attempt

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