Frames around images

I remember a while back finding frames to go around my pictures/images. I feel sure they were in Texture Effects. I don’t see them there. Can anyone help? Thanks

Use the Digital Frame Adjustment in Topaz Studio or you can also use pre-loaded frame textures in Texture Effects or in the Textures Adjustment in Topaz Studio.

First off we have a new preset “Digital Frames” where you can design your own frame and mat, but I know that’s not what you are asking. Just an FYI

Look under the category of Clean and also Grunge. I found them by going to the “open texture/category manager” on the right side of the Textures category. I think that what you are looking for.

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Where is the new preset “Digital Frames” that you speak of? Is this something that needs to be downloaded from somewhere?


It’s an Adjustment rather than a preset - in the right hand column:

Try here…

@sheilac Sorry about that, I meant to say Adjustment not preset.

I just tried the pro version of Digital Frames and its pretty good. There is one thing it needs (and maybe some other adjustments too) and that is a rectangular masking brush. Like a rectangular selection tool. Nearly impossible to make a rectangular mask with the present tools unless I’m not seeing it.

If you use the spot mask tool, moving the roundness slider all the way to the left (value 0.00) gives you a rectanglar brush.

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Fantastic, that is what I wanted. thanks.

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All I want to do is make 2-3 simple digital frames (mats) next to each
other with a drop shadow for one image. For example, a black frame, next a
thin white frame and last a black frame. Would like to add the drop shadow
to the inside frame so it looks as if it’s lifted off of the page. Can I do
that? Do I need to buy pro to do it? I’m confused between the frames in
Topaz Studio and a separate one you buy. Can anyone help? Thanks

Anne Blythe
(225) 603-0686

Firstly the Digital Frame Adjustment is a Pro Adjustment so you would have to buy it to use it.

Secondly the closest you would be able to do was apply the digital frame three times to get an effect like this:

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Thanks so much. This is just what I was looking for.

Anne Blythe
(225) 603-0686

Can the pro version make frames similar to this? If so, is there a tutorial
to do so? Thanks

Anne Blythe
(225) 603-0686

No, that looks like it is made with PS or another pixel editor as that includes boxes etc.