Frame-rate drops/jerky frame movements issue

Hey, everyone! I would like some help with a frame-rate issue I’m having when upscaling a video. The video’s resolution is 720x480, frame-rate 29.97FPS, and I want to upscale it to 1920x1080, 29.97FPS. When the process is completed, however, the frame-rate in the new 1920x1080 video stutters and jerks very frequently. Does anyone know a solution to this? Thanks!

And I think this problem MIGHT be called “duplicate frames.” Also, the video is not interlaced.

Maybe the final bitrate might be too high for your pc to playback.

Or maybe the disk the file is being played from has high disk usage from other programs (like a disk check) or the bitrate is too high for the disk to keep up with (more likely with a hard drive than an SSD).

hola! yes but for me, not problems with a ssd.

I don’t think this is the issue, for I have a very high-end PC, which handles all other videos perfectly well. Thanks for trying to help! Let me know if you think of another reason!

Variable frame rate issue. You need to use handbrake to encode to 29.97 mp4. Then try again and it will work.

Question - what if you have a video that is already encoded to H.265 using handbrake from a DVD, but it suffers the jerky panning scenes? It was actually like this on the DVD itself from the factory…but only for ONE episode…can VEAI fix that? Sorry I’m new to this only been using it a couple of weeks.

If the source is like that, the only help is Chronos model to upscale to 59.94 fps. It may fix it.

Ok thanks. Does the Chronos model upscale in addition to changing FPS or does it just change FPS? Thanks

Just only FPS. No upscaling will be done.