Fractals enhancing photography

I have brought the fractal-artist out in my creative friends… way to go! Yet many of them now say they wonder how to incorporate these fantastic fractal shapes and forms into their photography?! It may be best to use them as textured backgrounds … this background was made using Mandelbulb3D fractal generator, then treated with the Topaz Studio AIR preset (lady in cap and glasses!) Digital matting and frame courtesy of Topaz Studio.
Leaves courtesy of pngimg [dot] com.

A Bed Of Autumn Leaves” © Jack Torcello


Spot on @Torcello - the image and the help

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Thank you @el48tel

Are we heading to a “Fractal” group like the B&W group we established a few weeks ago?

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OK elTel - set one up! :slight_smile:

@Torcello I will take that as a challenge during the next few days and write a specification for consideration by yourself(?) and others

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