Fractals are re-emerging!

Good to see fractals are a hot topic once more, and the rich armory of presets that Topaz Studio’s AIR is giving us allows us to go that one step further in our fractal art. I have posted here an original (made using the Fractview Android fractal-generating software); and then the art I made from the original, which was ultimately treated with the Sydney Opera House preset from AIR (it’s my own naming for that preset, an icon of which I have also appended for reference.)

Please feel free to use the original and make great art from it. I have added my own example of just what can be done with fractals in art!

The original - which I named “Avian Fractal” for its birdlike quality - feel free to use any which way at all!

Using Topaz Studio AIR preset plus CC blend modes, rotations and extra canvas, here is my arted fractal named “Fractavian” © Jack Torcello

Topaz Studio AIR preset which I have named Sydney Opera House!


@Torcello - superb - I see two birds on a Flowering Cherry tree


Nicely done Jack …

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WOW a stunning image…love AI too.

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