Forum that gives workflow

is there a forum or site that gives the workflows or details on what was used to give instructions on photos, apart from webinars which I love. many thanks

thanks for the answers, having a lot of fun trying recommendations and looking up site. Denise

Try the facebook groups at

And there are also several flickr groups also.

Not everybody can remember the exact process behind the art they have created
using Topaz Plugins - but most people add something in the text which gives invaluable
clues as to how they worked their magic.

You can also select the Education & Training category in the forum. There are a bunch of miscellaneous posts by users and staff including tips and how-to’s.

Scroll to the top of the forum, on the left just above the first post, click on the button that usually says “all categories” and select Education & Training.

thanks to all for answers having fun trying some of the different methods and getting close to what I want in topaz simp and edges. and looking up some of the sites.