Forum Design is Poor and Frustrating to Use for Me - V2


I strongly beg to differ. And I find it highly offensive that you routinely close threads that don’t agree with your personal bias on what is productive . Particularly in light of the fact that there is an entire sub-forum here dedicated to site feedback…and yet you close threads on your whim. Highly unethical and I have experienced this numerous times on your end. That does not happen on ANY other forum that I participate in. We could do without the Napoleon complex.

The most popular photography forum on the internet has a traditional format (very much like m43) that is head and shoulders better than what we have here, your opinion notwithstanding.

So easy…

I have also conversed with a colleague here that is a software trainer and she agrees that the BB forum, in terms of organization, here is terrible.

Countdown to thread close…tick, tick, tick.


Nothing to do with personal bias, it’s a pointless post as the forum software used isn`t the forum software DP review uses.

Good observation. Yes, that is entirely the point. Whomever picked this software was severely lacking in qualifications. As someone else pointed out, this is one of the worst I have encountered across photo, software, motorcycles, you name it.

BTW, in my experience other forums do not have moderators that feel compelled to interject themselves into practically every post and arbitrarily decide when to close. That really shouldn’t be your job except in the case of egregious drift. If the “site feedback” forum is not the place to point out the short-comings of the forum software then where is?


It is often pointed out by moderators that these groups are user-user and not for support (true). Just pointing out that it wouldn’t necessarily have to be that way. Using this area and the FB groups (which do have TL employee participation) demonstrably leads to user confusion on where to ask what.

An example of good sub-group organization…which allows for both official and user-user input and a one-stop-shop.

Here is an example of frustration.

How and where do I find the latest official release of Gigapix 4.2.x ? I can find an earlier beta, but not the latest after spending 3-6 minutes searching every way I can think of (latest, newest, search function).

How and Where do I find the latest versions of all of the AI program official releases ? Or the latest beta versions ? A few months ago I was able to do this, but lately no luck.

The forum organization, to me at least, appears very disorganized and haphazard and therefore very, very frustrating in practice. Yes, I have seen posts from people who have no trouble at all, but that fact, unfortunately does not magically allow me to find what I’m looking for -hence the serious frustration.
Maybe all of us who complain about this are total morons ? Surprisingly, we don’t appear to be totally hopeless and dumb when dealing with other forums (like DPpreview, or just about any other web page).

Thanks for listening.

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