For interpolation - please add 2.5x preset option for converting 23.976 fps to 59.94

As per the subject, please add this option to convert the fps of 23.976 source files to 59.94.


You can just enter the desired FPS in the drop-down entry.

I suppose it could still be nice for them to add it as one of the default options.


Thanks for pointing out the free-form solution. Would still like the preset though!

It’s not a standard frame rate by any account, so that dips into what other non-standard rates should they include and why.
That’s why I’ve been running the interpolation models at 2.5x because 59.94 fps is standard. (Though, I understand 2x should be cleaner with less potential for sounds becoming out of sync.)

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I already asked them for set multipliers actually, 2x 4x etc. that would be good to have too

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I set mine at 59.94 too, but there’s a lot to be said for 2x; if for nothing else, bitrate, which can get pretty high at 4K, at near 60 fps. Not every device can really do too high bitrates.

Doh! I didn’t even think of this. Have you seen any issues with audio / sync when using 2.5x?

I go back and forth on if there’s sync issues with it or not. The latest show I did with it, I think it was totally synchronized. I just went back to it and did some spot-checking, and I still think it’s in sync.

I used to notice that it would cycle in and out of synchronization, but I had also been doing some abnormal things with movies before TVAI, that probably messed with it.

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Changed the title/request details!