Folder Location for AI product upgrades

I have just finished upgrading my AI products today and ran into difficulty because I didn’t know I had to remove the old DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI and reboot before install. I then did not realize that the intent is now to install them in the Topaz Labs LLC folder where I only have Topaz Studio2.
I finally have it all up and working but would love a roadmap. Are ALL future AI updates going to go into the Topaz Labs LLC folder along with Topaz Studio 2? I have finally finished cleaning up the cluster that was my Topaz products folder system and it would help to know if I’m on track with your future plans for the software! I would love to upload a screen shot of my folder system to ask if this is on the right track but can’t figure out how to do that.

Thank you!

Since I’m still using several of my legacy Topaz products, and an older version of Photoshop I’ve opted to edit the install path to send everything to the original Topaz Labs directory. It’s just a matter of editing out the “LLC” from the path when the newer versions ask where to install the program.

Not trusting when the installed programs offer to upgrade themselves anymore, I always manually uninstall them first, and then reinstall the newest from the download page.

Today’s update of SharpenAI was the first time that this process didn’t entirely work in that the Topaz download page didn’t actually have the latest rev available. The only way to update it from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 was to let the in-program update routine run. Fortunately it behaved itself and didn’t try to put it in the LLC folder.

p.s. It would be nice if the Change Logs were kept up to date…

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I totally understand. I made the decision that to effectively use Topaz I would just go with the AI products and keep Topaz Studio 2. All just personal preference. I was hoping someone would hope on here and give us a roadmap for the updates. My OCD likes to see a reasonable organization to the folders on my HD instead of the hash all the installs made of it!

And yes, the SharpenAI install was a mess but I got it done. Cheers!