Fixing VHS drops and noise

Fixing VHS drops (horizontal/vertical lines) and noise.

Actually there’s an entire set of VHS-unique quality issues that we need the help of AI to increase detail with, though this is the most obvious, but the others include:

  • luma detail is always worse in horizontal axis, and needs sharpen / upscaling more
  • chroma detail is extremely worse in horizontal axis, probably under 100 lines … help me, AI, help

And probably unique to tapes but not just VHS, is the peculiar form of “ringing”, where a dark region to the left of a bright region causes ghosting artefacts as a new ring border, sometimes double and triple. The good news is the screen-width distance is always consistent. The bad news (help me, AI) is the ghosting artefact is very dark or black, possibly overwriting the detail in the bright area. It really needs “magic eraser” treatment, even if the detection is relatively algorithmic.

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