"Fishing at Quail St. Beach (painterly)"

“Fishing at Quail St. Beach (painterly)” Edited in Topaz Studio; Topaz Impression, Degas Dancers; Topaz Glow, Fur&Feathers. (Click on it to see it large enough to see the fishing pole.) Note: I use Studio as a filter inside of PSCC. And I continue to find that I get much better, faster results of using separate Layers for applying Topaz plug-ins (versus using the plug-ins inside of Studio). Inside of Studio, Impression not only is incredibly slow, if I decide that I don’t like the results I am getting, I have to do a force quit to get out of Impression.


Nice result except that there seems to be some issues with the edges at the top and the right with white streaks …

Nice image and processing work. I also prefer using Studio as a plugin from Photoshop for the reasons you have described, but mainly because of the use of Layers in PS. Studio has not provided a good source for Layer functionality yet?

Very nice image, nice combination of Impression and Glow.