Final Cut Pro Plug-in

Now that the latest version has an After Effects plug-in capability, which I don’t have, I would like to see a plug-in incorporated into Topaz Video AI for Final Cut Pro.

Me too!

Make sure to vote for the Idea if you like it and want to see it implemented.


I’d really appreciate having a plugin for Final Cut Pro. Editing plugins can save a great deal of creation of intermediate files and allow users to quickly switch to other settings should any artefacts show on a particular scene.

Without such a plugin I find I build up a lots of processed files that need deleting at the end of the project. With a plugin the settings would be stored with the edit and then could be recalled should the cut need amending.
If you take up this sugestion I’d be happy to be a beta tester.

Kind regards


it goes without saying that having Topaz AI available in FCPX as a plugin would be excellent… AE and Resolve users got this because it’s useful… we need it too. Right now I have to export from FCPX, process in Topaz Video AI and then import back to FCPX. The votes at the top of the page can’t be expected to represent how many fcpx users would actually want this…

Adding my voice to the chorus here. FCP plugin would be a huge time saver!

Amen. I’d love to have what Topaz for DiVinci where it works with Alpha Channels.