Filtered Light

Well, it was a beautiful fall day here in Minnesota, sunny, calm, and in the low 60s. I went for a walk in a unit of the NWR near my home. However, this image is of what awaited me when I returned home - early evening sun falling on our wildflower garden. Started in LR, then I used B&W Effects within Studio to create luminosity mask, and back to LR for final tweaks and cropping.

D7000 50mm at f/8 1/200th sec ISO 100

Best regards and thanks for looking


Wonderful work Scott. The lighting is superb

You did a great job on this one.

Thankyou @Laundromat @digital2006

I’ve always liked these wildflowers; they look great backlit or front lit and have a wonderful range of colors. What’s especially nice is they bloom from early summer until the first hard frosts of winter arrive.

Best regards

Beautiful work …