Files are labeled as Topaz Mask AI.tiff? for all Topaz products?

When I use “Edit In” in Lightroom Classic 9.4 to launch Topaz Studio 2(Version 2.3.1) or Topaz Gigapixel (Version 5.1.6) or Topaz Sharpen Ai(Version 2.1.7) or Topaz DeNoise Ai(Version 2.3.1)a new file named Topaz Mask Ai.tiff is created.

I also have Topaz Mask Ai(Version 1.3.4)on my system. I use a Mac with Catalina 10.15.7.

I am assuming is is a bug, but has anyone else noticed this. Or is there a setting I am not aware of??

Any light that can be shed would be appreciated.

When you say a new file is created … where is it created? E,G, the actual folders where they are created.

Remember that the files created by Lightroom are not created by Topaz products.

Yes they are created by Lightroom in the same location as the original file. Good point that they are created by Lightroom. Will ask the same question in a LR forum. Thank you…

I did look in Lightroom and in the external editor preferences in “Custom Text” Topaz Mask Ai was entered, so this is the culprit. Thank you…

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