File Logging in Topaz Products

This may be a dumb question but can someone explain what is “File Logging”? I have it turned on but don’t see any files in my file explorer referencing them.
What extension would they utilize?

Just go to this folder, %localappdata%\Topaz Labs, type that in the file explorer search box, press enter and then select the product you wish to see the logs for … e.g. Topaz Studio folder then select the Logs folder and you will see the logs there with a ‘.tzlog’ extension.

If you want to read them you can use Notebook to open them. They are debugging strings.


I must be missing something, Don. That string is not producing any results no matter where in File Explorer I search. Any other suggestions?

If you open file explorer and click where you see Quick Access , that’s the search box … or you can simply type it in the Taskbar search box click on it and then select the app you want …


Thanks Don. I was putting the string in the search bar to the far right.