FIle DImension reduced to 256 x 171

When i use sharpen or denoise the input file is either dng or craw size 26mb and dimension 8,192 x 5,164.

The output file is always 256mb, maybe this is correct however the file dimension is only 256 x 171. I’m not too concerned about the file size but why is it reducing the pixels to 256 x 171. No matter what file output type or settings it always results in the same pixel reduction and an almost thumbnail size image.

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Sounds like it is using the thumbnails. Please raise a support request at the main website and also know that some CRAW types, e.g. Canon R5 or 5DsX, are not supported by LibRAW.

For DNGs, use the free DNG converter from Adobe to create them.

If you use TIF, JPG or PNG for output and it just shows the thumbnail, what viewer are you using?

Neither Sharpen AI or Denoise AI resize images.

I suspect that what ever software you are viewing the output file in is showing you the embedded low resolution preview image, not the main image.

For example a 7952 x 5304px .ARW RAW image that has been converted to DNG in Adobe DNG convertor has a 256 x 171px embedded low resolution preview image.

When I process that .ARW raw image in Denoise AI and save as a DNG, then the image size (proper) remains at 7952 x 5304, and the embedded low resolution image is 256 x 171px.

When you save a file as DNG from Denoise AI, the file is saved as an “uncompressed” image, so for the 7953 x 5304 px 48 bit color depth .ARW image, the uncompressed size is 241.3MB and the size of the DNG file saved from Denoise AI is 241.5MB.

Thank you.

The output file information I.e the 256 x 171 and 256mb is in 5he file properties and if I open the file in photo for example it is stamp size and blurred if I enlarge it.

It is a Canon R5 CRAW image but even if I process the CRAW to dng using DXO Pure Raw then process through topaz sharpen or de noise I get the same 256 x 171 output file.

It is an R5 image but even if I convert to DNG using DXO pure raw first then use sharpen I get the same 256 x 171 and 256mb file size.

Try the Adobe DNG converter, it looks like CRAW from the R5 can be opened but cannot be processed properly as it isn’t yet supported. As for DxO Pure RAW it is propriety to DxO labs as it includes adjustments.

Note: I am not sure but I don’t think Adobe Camera RAW supports CRAW (CRW) for the CR3 images. But maybe someone who uses the latest versions of PS & LR can offer insight there.

I tried DPP, affinity, DXO Pure Raw, DXO Photolab converting CR3 to either TIF or DNG and each time i process the TIF or DNG file through Sharpen or Denoise the output file is always 256 x 171. Unfortunately i don’t use Lightroon and the adobe converter only seems to work as a plugin.

Im trying the Topaz apps as an Affinity plugin and i may have some success. But its not how i wanted to work. It also seems even if i use Raw and not CRAW, the R5 files wont work. I had a response from helpdesk confirming CRAW and R5 files are not compatible but i’m waiting for a response on why converted dng and tif file dont work

Hi Chris
Did you manage to solve this? as I’m having the same issue.

I converted the Canon cr3 file to a DNG in LR and also processed in LR and then exported as jpg. I then adjusted in Sharpen AI and saved, opened and all okay. I then processed through Denoise and the jpg file is now 122mb in size and is 256x204 in dimensions.

very annoying.

Yes I did. The file info you see is the file size for the preview image. If you open this file into the default windows viewer it shows as a small file and poor quality image. If you open the file in a photo editor like Affinity it’s the correct file view and file size.


Thanks for the answer Chris, you’ve saved my sanity - lol

This all bothered me quite a bit when I first started using Topaz. I was a little new to more advanced processing. To be honest it still bothers me. I like faststone image viewer and it can never see the preview very well. I had some dialogue with various folks here and also did other research.

Interesting that the OP here talked about 256x171. My image that I just looked at has that same thumbnail size. This forum, about Lightroom Classic, discusses the same issue/size with a supposed cause:

I played around a bit with Adobe DNG Converter (Digital Negative (DNG), Adobe DNG Converter | Adobe Photoshop) which does allow you to manipulate the preview image and stuff.

shrug I did have problems early on with some other software opening DNG files created by Topaz products - not just faststone. But I think updates to those packages may have resolved that, as well. So… it would be nice if there was a library update that would change how this embedded preview is created, but it’s not an issue unique to Topaz output. And it’s certainly not a dealbreaker. I just have to pick and choose when it’s worthwhile to export as DNG from Topaz products.