Feedback on Topaz Photo AI

[Please describe your idea and how it would be useful to you in your workflow.]First I’d like to say that this app is wonderful! The UI improvements over the plugins are great, like the filmstrip, it shows many many items and you see them, not just the name, and it keeps the display area large. The sectioned off options and sliders are great too! just the whole inclusion of the main three plugins in this app makes it great for when I want to do more than one operation to the same file.

The first is that, maybe it’s just me, but they way this was marketed, I thought this was a do everything for you editor. It doesn’t really convey that this is Denoise, Sharpen, and Giggapixel in one package. To users of the other plugins and those that have looked at them, I think getting that across may up adoption rate.

The second is more of how it works. One can make changes to the settings auto pilot makes, also think you for fixing the UI choice that changes that remove auto settings on one picture are applied to the next image. However when one makes those changes, the preview window first displays the original material, then shows with the new update. I’d like for it to keep at the current edit until the next edit is ready and just go directly to that. This allows one to see the impact of decision from one choice to the next. This wouldn’t apply to moving around the image as the whole image was not processed but if one is only changing options, it should be possible.

On a similar note, could a post view compare button? Something right next to the green undo arrow. If you press it, while you hold it you see the preview before your latest change, let go and it shows the last update. Allowing one to compare the effect of decisions without having to reprocess. Much in the same way if you but press on the image you can see the original and if you don’t move it goes back to the cached preview, but to see the last step.

I’ve not tested this in Photo AI but this existed in other plugins. My main editing system is powerful enough to do full sized previews extremely quickly. It would be nice if this were cached so that zooming didn’t require recalculation.


@stuart.taylor Thanks for your insights! I’m glad you’re enjoying Photo AI so far. We put a ton of time and energy into building the best app possible and it’s really gratifying to hear you think it’s wonderful.

The ability to compare different edits, and not just edits to the original, is something we’ve been discussing internally about how to implement. For users with slower machines, it’s really hard to compare the changes if it takes a long time to load.

It probably won’t look like DeNoise where there is a quadrant of 4 versions but something more similar to what you suggested.

Thanks again for your feedback!