Feed Reader fails to open topics

For the past 2 days my feed reader can not open new topics. I received double entries on a few older topics and compared the “good” working link to the “bad” non-working link.
It looks like feed links from host “ec2-54-204-63-187” are bad while feed links from “ec2-54-243-203-247” are good. Below are two topics with double entries and I was able to get the url to show the trouble.

otters = http://ec2-54-243-203-247.compute-1.amazonaws.com/t/otter-cubs/1601 good
otters = http://ec2-54-204-63-187.compute-1.amazonaws.com/t/otter-cubs/1601 bad

latest studio failure = http://ec2-54-243-203-247.compute-1.amazonaws.com/t/latest-studio-update-failed/1599 good
latest studio failure = http://ec2-54-204-63-187.compute-1.amazonaws.com/t/latest-studio-update-failed/1599 bad

Thanks for reporting, I’ll look into this.

We just took some steps to fix this. @fvanderb, I just sent you a “Preview Digest” from our console, manually, so you should have a new email - with the correct links. Can you confirm that for us? We tested it on our end and it works, just need more confirmations.

Hello Joe:

I just opened my feed reader and got a bunch of duplicate entries and the entries do work. Thank you for looking into this trouble.
I’ll let you know if it acts up again in the future.

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My feedreader received multi threads this evening and one of the servers is not opening the link.
Here are the URL for one topic thread.

http://ec2-54-166-80-114.compute-1.amazonaws.com/t/looking-at-me/2057 don’t work
http://ec2-54-243-203-247.compute-1.amazonaws.com/t/looking-at-me/2057 works
It appears server 54-166-80-114 has the trouble.

We had to reset the forum server today due to a few issues we encountered. It appears the forum software reverted the way links are generated to the server address. We’ll get it taken care of in the morning. Thanks for reporting this! I’ll also look into scripting the fix, so we don’t have to wait on someone to report it to us each time.

Thank you Joe.

Can you check again for me? We updated the config, so the links should be valid now.

Hello Joe:

I checked the following link at 11:00am Eastern and it failed to open:


If you click on the above link you will see the failure yourself.

Hello Joe:

At 11:15 eastern the new thread links are working after the reader picked them up.


Thank you!

Hello Joe:

Unfortunately, links are no longer working in my feed reader for today’s threads
Here is a sample of one thread that worked yesterday but not today.

http://ec2-54-197-93-249.compute-1.amazonaws.com/t/cat-nap/2533 doesn’t work
http://ec2-54-243-203-247.compute-1.amazonaws.com/t/cat-nap/2533 works


We’re on it. Working on a permanent fix to this. It seems to have this problem when we reboot the forum server.

Hello Joe:

FYI - My FeedReader has been picking up duplicate threads since October 23. Below is an example of the links:


This is the first one duplicated. It is an inconvenience more than a problem because I can open the thread and read the post. I just wanted to alert you that was happening. I just look to see if it is a duplicate then mark them as read.


We still haven’t made any changes to the forum, and probably won’t for another few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience in the present moment. I’ve checked the email links, and they’re all correct, so I’m going to leave things as they are for now.

Thanks for your patience.