Feature request: Watch Folder

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We’re usually working on massive amounts of videos plates in 8K for LED wall studios, and VEAI is a blast to kill all noise on them. I’m still a beginner, but as far as I can tell there is no “watch folder” feature?
So we have to process everything manually, which can be time-consuming.

Would you consider adding a “watch folder” feature? So one can select a certain preset for a certain watch folder, and each time a file appears in that watch folder, bam! VEAI automatically launches the proper process?
That would really allow people like us that need to treat massive amount of videos - to greatly speed up their workflows!

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Hi all
Yes this is a great idea. I vote for that feature. We are currently working our way around with command prompt or automator for Mac but nothing could have been compared with a watch folder and an automatic initiation of a process. Because then a watch folder is something you could control automatically by any OS.
Thanks Alex for bringing this up.

Thanks Marios!

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yes please. VERY much would love to have a watch folder!!