Feature Request: Motion Blur

Would be interested to see VEAI compute and add motion blur into footage, particularly CG footage.

Something akin to the ‘ReelSmart Motion Blur’ plugin but using machine learning instead of optical flow.

I am curious: What would be the benefit of an AI based motion blur instead of a conventional one? Could you elaborate ?

The optical flow technique falls apart when applied to fast moving footage. I’m curious if an AI based approach would reduce the amount of glitches.

Thanx for getting back. I´ll have to twist my head around this - the AI would have to take the time domain into account, not sure at the moment if a neural net approach would outperform something with motion vector detection - but it sure is an interesting thought…

Maybe i´ll dig through the papers of the recent status of motion blur synthesis and removal (which also is interesting)…

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This would actually be very interesting to use on old TV show footage from the 90’s like Star Trek Voyager. The CGI footage is quite jittery and has no shutter angle so the video is choppy. I’ve seen the original series remastered on Netflix and it has motion blur that looks extremely realistic but I have a feeling that the algorithms used to do that are not even close to free and probably would be easily outperformed by an AI model.