Feature request fur learning

i’m working on a old telefilm to restore original quality and seems that VEIA work fine on hair, also if hair was ruined from blocking , but seems veia not recognize fur on people… in 70 men don’t shave them on chest and veia transform fur from original compressed footage to blotch of skin.

Off topic but I got a good laugh at the fact that you call body hair fur :rofl::rofl:


@snakebite24 ah ah ah english is not my main language and sometimes i find difficult to choose right word, but the guy of that old english telefilm that i upscaling is near to a bear than a human, i assure you that fur is a right description :smiley:
to be honest i never used body hair term, is new for me, every day i can learn more :smiley:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: From now on the words body hair will be replaced in my mind to fur

I’ve been wanting to post a new topic to ask a question about the queue…but I can’t post a new topic…I can only reply to EXISTING topics. Weird! All I want to know is why I can’t add more than six videos to queue?

It does the same thing with animal fur. I photograph dog agility indoors and Denoise is essential to my work, however, it would be nice if there was AI that would detect the subject as a dog, or you could choose dog as the subject and make a different adjustment for that. (there used to be that in one of the programs that would see bird, dog, and person). I’d love to not have to use the mask tool to remove 50% of the mask on every single picture. AI should be able to figure that out.