Feature Request - Fullscreen preview

I request the feature of FULLSCREEN previews.

Like known from davinci resolve and other programs.
During preview i like to press a key like “P”
and all the gui borders and tool menus disappear leaving the full screen for the preview.

pressing P again brings back the gui menus… so it is just fullscreen on demand

All gui borders and menus take too much screen space … especially during comparison view.
so i dont really get an idea about the output quality

thank you

good idea, we had that one over at the facebook group back when it was the beta tester group. Good to bring it back here.

We could add:

assign a preview Monitor or in case of multiple monitors assign each to input / preview…


I would like to request some additional options, like full screen preview for just the upscaled image and alternate before and after upscale full screen images to go along with side-by-side full screen preview.

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