FCPx workflow - VEAI before editing or can I use it after?

Hi all, new to this software. A really basic question I can’t find mentioned anywhere. I want to use the VEAI software on a short film I’m building in FCPx for a client. Can I use this software ‘after’ the basic timeline build or do I use it on each clip before building the timeline?

Thank you.


You could do either, it depends on your needs. If you’re doing color correction/grading in FCPx, or doing anything complicated with effects, then using VEAI on the video clips prior to editing in FCPx will likely give you a better basis to work from. On the other hand, the advantage to using VEAI on the final edit coming out of FCPx is that it will take less time (and consume less power) as you won’t be enhancing video frames/clips that don’t make it into the final edit.

Can you recommend the best workflow for doing the processing after basic timeline edit.
As you have said, preprocessing all the footage will take a huge amount of time - (2TB).

I am working on a miracles documentary for freeandhealed ministry, so sometimes we had the cameras rolling for ages, in badly lit rooms, just to get the short moment where you see the change on someone’s face as they realise that thanks to prayer in the name of Jesus their pain just left.

So now I often have long clips up to 5 mins long but I only need 20 secs from the whole .mov file, how do I organise my workflow - to send only that 20secs to Topaz. At the moment I imagine that I would have a huge amount of manual work to mark each range that I want to enhance, remove all my color treatment, share it in ProRes - send that to Topaz and then drop it back into the edit.

I vaguely remember a command (perhaps in Premiere) where you could package a project keeping only the selected footage with some handles eg + 4 secs either end.

Anyone know if that is an option in Final Cut Pro?