Failed to initialize graphics backend for Vulkan

Hi All,

Like a number of people, since the last update I cant run Topaz.

Common is that I have noted some are running Windows 10, as am I.

The specific error is:
“Failed to initialize graphics backend for Vulkan I have Windows 10”

One thing I did fail to do was close all the software suggested, while I specifically closed down Photoshop (PS5 - yes an old version) I didn’t close down Lightroom Classic as I was half way through processing over 1000 images. Maybe a clue to the smart people.

Also, the reason I did the update was after the program errored saving a file.

Dell XPS
Intel(R) Core Core i7-8705G CPU @ 3.10GHz

I checked my drivers and all were up to date.

I have also restarted the computer after a full shut down as well.

Hope this helps work out the issue.

Currently, I don’t have access to Topaz at all as I don’t know how to rewind the version so any thoughts would help.

What GPU do you have and how much dedicated vRAM does it have?

When you say your driver’s are up to date make sure that it is from the component manufacturers website and not Windows Update or Dell.

Radeon RX Vega M GL Graphics

4Gb on board.

AMD driver although this was more good luck than good management.

Quite a slow GPU but it should work, it puzzles me as to why the app is asking for Vulcan when supposedly AMD drivers support it. I think you should raise a support request as the GPU was discontinued after only 2 years.

I’m not sure where your GPU fits but the requirement for Topaz products is AMD Radeon 400 or higher. Support will be able to help you.

Thanks AiDon,

To be honest, right up till the upgrade, Topaz has worked flawlessly and at a reasonable speed (IMO) given the crunching I sometimes do - .TIF’s up to 500Mb sized stitched images.

The failure that led me to the upgrade was a humble .jpg around 7Mb.

Now I can’t even rollback the software. I will contact tech support when I get a chance later today.

Thanks for checking in with your thoughts.

Big sad face here.