Faces look unnatural

I just upscaled a couple of DVDs to FHD and noticed that faces look really weird and distorted. On a closeup it’s fine, but in the distance, they look unnatural.

This is using 3.0.11.

I am using Proteus Auto.

Can anything be done to fix this?? Is this being looked into by the developers?

Cheers :blush:

It always happens to me too

Try Gaia…i noticed it has far less distortions.
in order not to waste huge time encoding the entire DVD for testing, pick that scene (in that picture you posted) and select preview of 5sec. that would export you 5sec of that video for quick compare with other filters you want to test with.

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I would also suggest experimenting with the add noise parameter to suppress over-processing of the image.

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In my testing, adding a bit of grain can also help with this. I’ve used the grain setting somewhere between 3-8 to good effect depending on the content.

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I have had decent success with overlaying the original video and making it transparent maybe 40%. It adds more intelligent noise (instead of just grain). Yes you will lose some clarity, but at least the video is useable. It’s a compromise, but better than the original.


Tell me about it! Looks like this woman went thru a freak transporter accident:

And this is what happens when TVAI tries to be smart, and deal with removing noise ‘intelligently.’

Now she looks like a Trill. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can restore faces quite weill, given you´re using Gaia and have the face covering the image to a good amount. But even then its still a question of Compositing and texture management (Denoising and Renoising)


As dumb as this sounds, it’s actually not even a bad idea. :joy:

The other side of this coin naturally is, that TVAI should always consider the original frame for ‘sanity check’ itself, so as not to distort faces too much. But it seems TVAI does no such thing, and outputs results according to what their trained models dictate exclusively.

For the most part, Gaia does seem to leave things alone if it can’t enhance it. If you can clean the noise and grain out of the source before processing it in TVAI, Proteus manual with just the revert compression turned up does a good job of not distorting distant faces too much.