Face recovery in Photo AI creates recovery island in photos

I am applying Photo AI to old B&W pictures which are both grainy and sometimes out of focus. The tool does a great job identifying and recovering the faces, getting rid of the grain and bringing them into sharp focus. Unfortunately it only does this in a fuzzy rectangle around the face. So there is an island of clarity which ends in a jagged boundary at the neck and in the middle of the hair at the top of the head and around the ears. If it is going to do such a great job there, it needs to do a similar job on the rest of the photo so it looks natural.

Topaz Photo AI v1.2.6 on Mac

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I too have this problem which makes it unusable or takes alot of work to get something that doesn’t look funny. usually what I have to do is make two different versions. One without face recover and one with it. Then in photoshop I overlay the one with facial recovery on top of teh other and lower the opacity of it so it blends in.

I think when doing facial recover it would be great for the software to change the whole image so that it blends better

I see this problem as well. Restoring photos with people from the 80’s and 90’s when folks had bigger hair than they do now (see screen shot), maybe they should put a masking feature in for us to help the software to decide what it is recovering?
Any response yet from Topaz about this issue?

No response

I have the same kind of problem. Although the face is recognised and Topaz does a good job of recovery on most of the face it leaves an area untouched. I need to be able to mask the area of the face that needs recovery.

Please read this thread as there is a reply from support regarding scan’s: