Face enhancement effecting eyes

The face recover does a fair job on the complexion but it’s dulling the eyes. They’re basically unusable.
The original eyes look good, skin needs help. The Topaz version has better skin, but still struggles, but the eyes are terrible.

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Facial recovery is truly a REAL feature added in to TVAI?

Or is it just a by-product?

I think the face recovery is only intended for faces with poor detail in them, like when upscaling from a low-res image. If the image has hi-res face detail like your photo appears to have, then the result is more likely to be worse than the original. From what I understand the face recovery has a maximum resolution to the face it can generate, which it then has to blend over the final output image.

As for the skin, I don’t think Topaz have trained it to be a retoucher, it’s just lower res than the original.

Oh yeah, just noticed this is in TVAI discussions. I thought this was about PAI or GPAI. TVAI has no face recovery feature yet. It’s probably just in the wrong forum category.

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They’re also a different color, it seems. :slight_smile: (blue-ish vs. grey-ish).