Face enchance and restore use GPEN code

Hi, i was searching for some better face restore to old videos, or low resolution. and in the search, i found the gpen code, an open source to photos, to restore face, hair and blocks on the face area. it is very precise and is very useful to add for topaz, cause can solve the face problem.

the github has better explanation in how to works and the process, but i think that is the future of topaz, use ai tecnology to restore face

Gigapixel v6.1.0 have a new Face Enhancement model which is massively improved over the pervious version.
The new Gigapixel Face Enhancement Model is on par with the open source GFPGAN.
GFPGAN add extra sharpness & contrast to the face, while Gigapixel keep the face closer to the original image. For some images GFPGAN is better but for some other images Gigapixel v6.1.0 is better.

According to developer, Face Enhancement model in Gigapixel will also add to VEAI in the future.

If you want this feature, you may also Vote here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Here is a comparison between face enhancement AI that I done before.

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that´s a lot of difference between, thanks for show me, cause i´m have just the video ai, and the software have a big issue for face. i was looking for another software, and find the gpen code in the githube.
now that i saw, the evolution of gigapixel, i will soon, buy it too, to add more details for my videos. thanks a lot

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