Face-blur / Object-blur (anonymize) and Object Removal pass filter

Everyone hates stuff in the way of their clips.
Other cars on the road, a person walking in front of the camera, everyone trying to get the same ‘Instaperfect’ photo at a popular site.

Would be awesome if VAI could intelligently remove certain objects via a selection:

  • Humans
  • Cars
  • Telegraph poles
    -probably others too

Then another option, and/or, an intelligent face/license plate/other object detection that could automatically sweep a clip and anonymise any identifiable data. E.g.

  • Faces
  • Car license plates
  • other?

Try this: Remove unwanted objects from video - quick and easy

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From my own personal experience with the company, they seem to try to do a lot of tasks for many users who want easy to use , but decent quality tools. In professional workflows their tools seems to reach a certain point and then fall apart, either lacking in more advance features or simply not able to deal with a particular task. If you want to remove tourists from a family trip, or you have a wedding video you made for a friend and one cousin needs to be removed, or you shoot your kid’s birthday party and you want to remove the annoying kid, then sure this is a pricey but easy tool that can get the work done. For more pro-work and challenging tasks, it’s not adequate enough. Perhaps it was not meant to be.