"Fabulous Sunrise"

Edited in Studio. The second one has a modified Soft Painting preset applied. I find that I like using multiple presets in my workflow. I will apply a preset, and then modify that preset in two ways; one way is to modify the Adjustments that make up the preset; the other way is to add Adjustments to the list. Then I will apply that; followed by applying another preset that does certain things that I like, and modifying as with the earlier preset. I may end up using three or four presets. Integral to my modifications are Blend Modes, Opacity changes and selective masking. One thing that I learned from Blake Rudis is to frequently use the Color Blend Mode, which will only change the colors, leaving the Luminance unchanged.


Love the colors in the first image. Interesting lens flare!!

Beautiful, I really like the first one

I really like the lens flares, very nice capture. I think that it would also look very nice in BW.