Eyes and teeth in Gigapixel

I love working with Gigapixel, but I noticed there are 2 elements that I really wish would have some additional tweak option, and that is for eyes and teeth. I know there is the face improvement feature, but I can’t really see the effect it has.

I get that is must incredible hard to get those facial features right for an AI driven software, but I feel that some aspects might be able to be implemented in future editions, like the fact pupils are always round and front teeth come in 2 and are positioned straight under the nose.

Everybody has different teeth of course, but on upscales on low resolution pictures I would rather have a fake ‘simulated’ set of teeth than the ‘1 front tooth’ or mumbo jumbo teeth that Gigapixel often serves up.

Again, I’m no expert and I’m sure plenty of people at Topaz Labs are working on a solution for this, but I know the software would be so much better if those 2 elements were improved. So this is just a wish, not a complaint, because I have 0 regret of buying Gigapixel, it amazes me every time!