Extract photo from Video AI v5.1.4

I’m brand new to Video AI. I have searched topics in this community and on the internet, including YouTube and have been unable to find out how to extract a photo from a video using Video AI 5.1.4. I have found YouTube videos that show how to do in in older versions of Video AI (Topaz Video Enhanced AI), but the interface is totally different from Video AI v5.1.4. I have clicked everywhere on the software interface and unless I’m blind, I can’t find how to do it in Video AI. I’ve used other software and all I had to do was select a frame then export it in a photo format like .jpg or .tiff. I’m really frustrated because I know it is probably something very easy to do in Video AI 5.1.4.

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I just open my videos in VLC, step through the frames to the one I want and take a snapshot. I don’t think TVAI has a snapshot function, though I guess you could select a really thin slice of a video, export as frames and then use the one you want.

As I said, I’m very new to Video AI. How do I open videos in VLC?

VLC is a video player, you just start the program and open the file. If you pause the video and press the “e” key, it’ll step through the video frame by frame. Then there’s a snaphot command on the Video menu that will save a single frame.

Bottom right corner. Once a video has been opened.

You can change the default output in preferences too.

This is how you get a lot of frames. I think the original question was how to extract one.

I only want 1 frame!

Correct. Only 1 frame.

Oh, you can set it to preview 5 frames, then just grab one of them.
With some more effort, you could modify the preview command to only do one frame—but you’d have to do that every time. It’d be faster to just grab one of the five.

I went to try your latest suggestion and before I did it, I played the video and I don’t have any audio. What did I accidentally click on that turned off the audio?

I don’t think it has ever been able to play the audio.

I’ve never heard of a video editor that you can’t hear the audio.

You said I could get 5 frames where do I set that value? I don’t see that in the export settings.

It’s not a video editor. Just an enhancer. You have to set timecode to frame number:
Then you can pick it in the preview button menu:

You might also have luck with the ‘in to out’ option.

TVAI previews do not have audio. Only the exports do.

What is TVAI? I searched Google and found nothing.

Topaz Video AI