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OK, for some time now you have worked hard to supply a good application, many weeks of updates to the actual engine of the application but I still cannot see a way to open an image from an application like Faststone Viewer (I use as a DAM in place of Lightroom) into TP and when TP has finish be able to choose another application rather than go backwards to Faststone Viewer(again in my case Affinity Photo) to OPEN IN to continue post processing, surly it cannot be difficult to include this option? Many Thanks.

There is no reason to post in other posts when you have a new question. Raise a new topic.

There is also no issue using Edit with External Program from FastStone Image Viewer as you can see from this processing:

Obviously though, as FastStone is a File Explorer look alike, Photo AI will update any non-RAW file passed to it as it is being used as an external plug-in. Only RAW images will create a new DNG file.

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Don’t think you understand the question anyway.
I did not say anything about not being able to actually open an image from Faststone or any other application to TP, it is the option to SAVE or OPEN elsewhere.
If I open an image from explorer into TP after it processes you get the option as to SAVE image and choose a where to save it, the same as with Topaz Denoise AI also with other apps like DXO pure raw, with TP there is NO option to choose where to save when opening from Faststone just back to Faststone, yes I send back to Faststone and then open in any other application of choice.


Because Photo AI opens as a plug-in when you open from another application there is no save as option.

When you use explorer through the open dialog you can save to anywhere you like in the save dialog.

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