Extending "Clarity"

Since I would like to use Topaz Studio for the complete editing of a photo, here are a few wishes that I use in other programs:
For “clarity”, I’d like to see more options/methods offered, analogous to Capture One.
With Capture One you can choose different methods for “Clarity” with different effects on the photo:
“natural”, “punch”, “classic” and “neutral”.
This will lead to significantly better results.


I’m not sure what Capture One does is relevant.

Try using the Precision Contrast Pro Adjustment along with the Precision Detail Pro Adjustment to improve detail, they will do a better job than Clarity.

The methods of Capture One are so beautifully simple (just a slider). But I will try “Precision Contrast Pro Adjustment” and “Precision Detail Pro Adjustment” to see if I get similar results.