Exporting H264 and H265 by RF Quality value

It’s great that we can now select a constant bit rate when exporting H.264 & H.265 projects however, the Dynamic Bitrate seems limited and vague in comparison.
I like the approach in apps like Handbrake where you can select a RF Value. Can something be implemented into VAI similar to this? Alternativley, can you provide more details in regards to how the current low/medium/high quality works? Thanks


Thanks for the feature suggestion!
You can find more information about the dynamic bitrate export modes here:

The Low/Medium/High settings for dynamic mode use different CQP values to adjust the quality of the exported video for different viewing scenarios.

Depending on the resolution and size of the display you will be viewing your media on, you may find that the Low or Medium setting provides a sharp enough result or you might prefer to use more disk space by selecting the High preset.