Export slow with 4090

I’m upscaling a video from HD to 4K with the default settings.
Is it normal that the export is very slow and hardly uses the GPU of my graphics card? It takes more than 50 minutes for 5 minutes of video.
I did put GPU in my export configuration…
Below are screenshots of my configuration
Thank you


Check under “Processing” if the 4090 is selected for AI Processor.

If it is
Perhaps I must change max processes ?

You can try but normaly not.

Whats your cpu?
The 4090 is able to saturate a 16 core cpu.

Whats your driver?
Use the actual Studio Driver.

what is your exporting speed btw?

I’m re-encoding a video in 4K.
The video comes from Premiere Pro in HD, it took me a few minutes (from premiere pro).
My driver

The speed (near 5.2 fps/s)

Perhaps it s normal

seems to be ok.

i got the same speed, 4090 and 13900k

Only i shows more usage at TaskManager for the GPU, but it is better to use gpu-z to look at the real usage, Taskmanager is kinda known for not showing it accurate.

On Taskmanager it shows about 75 percent usage.

On GPU-Z it shows about 25 percent usage and about “only” 150 Watt power draw.

Just as an example: with Iris and Frameinterpolation to 60fps, 1080p to 2160p the CPU usage is at 85 percent, and GPU usage between 90 and 100 percent. Power draw at 360 watts.

With an undervolting to 875 mV @ 2400 Mhz the processing speed is almost the same but you save 100 W of power.

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