Export Color Profile

When I go to save my proessed image from Denoise, the program defaults to ProPhoto color space.
I normally save as sRGB color space.
How can I make sRGB the default color profile?

What format are you trying to export? If you export in a 16 bit format it will default to ProPhotoRGB as sRGB isn’t a 16 bit color space.

But do note that it will retain your last used settings so, for example, if these settings were last used in the Save dialog they will be retained for the next image or the next session:


Using Denoise AI in freestanding mode, if I save an image as TIF, LZW, 8 Bit with a color profile sRGB, then close Denoise AI, the next time I use it, the Save Image As dialog defaults to TIF, LZW, 8 bit BUT the color profile shows as ProPhoto RGB, so its memory is not as good as it should be. A bit like me.

I’m saving as a jpeg 8-bit, quality 8 or 9, but the color space is still ProPhoto so I have to change it to sRGB.
I assume that Denoise defaults to the same color space as the opened file?
The program doesn’t seem to remember my settings, and I have to set the parameters every time.

If you set the color profile option to “Preserve source profile” then it seems to remember that setting, and at least if the source image is a JPG with an sRGB profile, then the output file will be sRGB.

It should be noted however that setting is really not appropriate where the source image is a RAW image, since RAW files don’t have an embedded profile, so if I give it a NEF raw source file for instance and save the de-noised image as a JPG using the ‘Preserve source profile’ then rather than pointing out the option is not applicable and asking what I really want, it simply goes with ProPhoto.

It could be that I’m opening a TIFF in Denoise but I want to export a jpeg, which is why I need to reset the color profile.
I don’t always want to save as a jpeg, in fact I usually don’t want a jpeg.
The recommendation is to Denoise at the start of the editing process, so I prefer to keep the image as a 16-bit TIFF for maximum quality whilst I’m carrying out other edits, and only export as a jpeg at the end of the editing process.
It looks like I will need to adjust my settings each time I save from Denoise.

Well I did raise a Support ticket about it (2723562), but I doubt it will have much priority.