Excessive lines from using Pencil or Marker adjustments

Hi, is there a way to minimize the number of lines that appear when I apply Graphic, Pencil or Marker based adjustments?

Those adjustments usually have a huge number of lines that make it difficult to work with them and get a more polished look. The problem I am having is that in order to reduce the number of lines, I have to decrease the opacity of the effect or I have to partially mask certain areas which then creates a discrepancy between the masked and unmasked areas.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?


Can you post the name of the Adjustment you are using please.

The effects that give me that problem are Fine Marker Drawing L, Graphic Sketch L, and Book Binder.

With any of these types of effects the key is to adjust the settings of the following Adjustments to vary the effect, For example in the Fine Marker Drawing preset:

  • Smudge
  • Abstraction and;
  • Radiance which is used to Enhance the Abstraction Adjustment

Thank you! I am going to try that.