Evil Tree ... Silhouette

I simply love B&W out of camera … far better than a RAW capture and then trying to remember what you were trying to achieve. Framed, exposed and shot at the moment …


Great B&W image …

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Beautiful capture

Interesting idea, would change how I think about the shots as I take them

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I think this depends on the image quality you want. What you can do is to shoot a pair i.e. RAW & jpeg in b&w. Then it is easy to compare the bw jpeg with the monochrome RAW and adjust accordingly.

I’m confused by your terminology here “monochrome RAW”. RAW images are simply sensor data that a RAW processor converts into an image and most RAW converters, except for the one supplied by the camera manufacturer, have no idea of the picture style applied during the process of taking the shot.

It has nothing to do with image quality the exercise is all about composition, contrast and shadows and highlight definition.

Try it as you will see there is a great difference between shooting B&W and Color … there is little or no need to post-process as it is a finished product through the viewfinder.

And just for the record I do use RAW/JPEG but in 99% of the cases I don’t reprocess B&W and I don’t see the point of post processing RAW to monochrome to replicate the JPEG B&W taken.