As a young lad, not knowing up from down, my father, as a longshoreman, would take me down to the port in Coos Bay to watch him tie up incoming freighters. This was back in the day when logging was huge and we were shipping logs to Japan. I specifically remember the size of the hawsers that were used to tie up the ships. For my father, it was easy money and it reminded him of when he was a merchant marine during the second world war. There was a lot of standing around but for me it was very cool.

So now, as I see container ships passing through Elliot Bay to and from Bremerton or piers 46 & 47 in Seattle I am paying more and more attention to the individual ships and shipping lines. There’s Evergreen, Tote, Maersk and of course Matson. I’ve been enjoying the color, or lack of color and the rust on the ships. And I love the color and randomness of the containers stacked on the decks.

Last, if you are looking for a fun read while you are staying at home, check out Steaming to Bamboola.

Evergreen (graphite, pen & ink, watercolors)


Beautiful work Doug …

Are there still ship yards for repair around Harbor Island near West Seattle? My favorites on the waterfront were the tug boats and the fire boat next to Ivars.

Hi John. So the West Seattle Bridge was closed in March due to newly discovered cracks. They are now thinking it will have to be rebuilt - completely. This is not good news for people living in West Seattle. Not sure about ship yards on Harbor Island. I never go over there.

Nice work Doug, watercolor color is very hard to work with. I haven’t seen Evergreen ship for sometime now, I would see them on the Columbia river on their way to Portland. I really miss not being able to go to my favorite restaurants along the riverfront

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Thanks Ricci. And I’m missing jumping on the ferry to Seattle and hitting the restaurants and bars there as well. When things open up again I’m headed over the the Smith Tower Observatory Bar for a Vesper Martini!!! Or two… And then head to the Pink Door for some jazz. Can’t wait! Stay safe.

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Maybe they need a ferry from West Seattle to downtown. During my college years I worked under the bridge at what was then Bethlehem Steel.

@john811 John did you go to UW?

Yes I did. Engineering

Go Huskies . Our son graduated in 96 and he never left Seattle.