Error opening a Studio 2 project from Bridge

When I open a project from Bridge, it actually does open in Studio 2, but I get the following error from Bridge CS6. Any idea what that means and how can I stop it?


It usually means the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is missing, but the rest of the message don’t know.

Try this forum …

The Adobe forum couldn’t help (their suggestion didn’t work) and said I should try back here. However, I did an internet search on the error message, and found a copy of the ssleay32.dll. I loaded the file into Adobe Bridge CS6(64 Bit), and disabled the original. I then rebooted, and tried to open a project from Bridge. The error message is gone and Topaz Studio 2 opens correctly with the project loaded. YAY!

In case anyone else has this problem, I hope this helps.

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