Enhancing still photos exported from a video?

Has anyone had any luck using Topaz to enhance still images exported from a video? I am using Photo AI 2.1.2 and just cant get good results. See attached original and then the edited version using PhotoAI

Be glad of anyones comments or suggestions!

I’m pretty new here, so take it FWIW! :joy:

First…VERY cool picture!

Second…I’m not clear on what you’re looking to see improvement in here, but what I’m noticing in pics. I’ve pulled from video (as well as other pics):

  • Topaz has issues with fancy text. It would be nice if you could enter what the text in this pic is supposed to say, but outside of the AI being able to geo-locate this ranch, I don’t see how it could interpret the text.
  • The trees are another story. I’m surprised that Topaz Photo is not able to adjust the trees even with the dust cloud.

My use is a bit different. I’m typically going from much lower quality/older images or images from Digi8 - which yield pretty good results. Maybe others will have more specific input.