Enhancing and upscaling impossible Video Elements

One of the most important things that I have learned as a good video editor is - never throw any video clips or elements away, because one day a new software, technique, concept or a combination will make that clip fresh and new. Archive Archive Archive. Especially when you create a montage, with different source qualities - Adobe After Effects and Premiere are constantly adding new plug ins and presets - AI has made it possible to sharpen and de-noise vintage footage - and then in 6 months there will be something new. I have one hard drive folder named “Restoration in Progress”…Here is a clip for TCM using AI to clean up and balance out clips - you don’t want some clips to be over-the-top beautiful, then the next edit be soft like VHS.

Wow, nice job! TCM has certainly had some fantastic star of the month promos.

Made me think of this, I think, recent clip from Down to Earth in HD. Are we seeing AI on these re-masters now?

Anyway, nice work on the Judy “…in progress” bit. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks ! I will be updating all my TCM Clips - they are easy to do - collectors love them - and the rendering time is not forever :smile:

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