Enhancements for AI Image Upscaling in Topaz Photo AI

Hello, Topaz Community!

I’ve been exploring the latest version of Topaz Photo AI and have come across a few areas where I believe we could see significant improvements, especially for those of us keen on upscaling AI-generated images. These suggestions might seem specific but considering the growing number of users interested in AI imagery, they could benefit many.

1. Auto-Crop for AI Images: An invaluable addition would be enhancing the Auto-Pilot to detect and automatically crop black bars often found at the top and/or bottom of AI-generated images (like those from Midjourney v6). This would streamline the upscaling process significantly.

2. Expanded AI Model Selection in Settings: In the autopilot settings, alongside the current “Standard” and “High Fidelity” options, it would be great to include “Standard v2” and “High Fidelity v2” as default selections. This would provide users with more versatility in refining their images right from the get-go.

3. Adjustable Thresholds for Image Corrections: While we can currently set thresholds and default intensities for “minor deblur” and “minor denoise”, the option to adjust settings for “fix compression” is noticeably absent. Given that compression artifacts are a common issue in AI-generated images, having more control over this feature would be highly beneficial.

4. Enhanced Fix Compression Detection: I’ve noticed that the Auto-Pilot tends to underapply the “fix compression” feature, particularly with AI-generated images where it’s often most needed. Increasing the sensitivity or default setting for this feature could lead to markedly better results.

Integrating these features could significantly enhance the usability and effectiveness of Topaz Photo AI for a wide range of users. I’m looking forward to seeing how our community and the Topaz Labs team can collaborate to make these improvements a reality. Thank you for considering these suggestions!

Thanks for the idea and suggestion! Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile: