"Enhance" section of BETA, AI Models vs Dione?

Is there any place with detailed explanations of the 4 models listed here: Proteus, Artemis, Gaia and Theia?
I get that there’s a basic description listed, but I would like to know more about them I tried googling but came up with nothing.

Additionally, I’m curious how this compares to the non-BETA version of VEAI. I am doing Dione DV conversion and didn’t have these options listed individually in the non-BETA version when I selected Dione. Which AI Model was it using when I used “Dione Interlace DV v3”? It used to have Dione as a separate AI model but now it’s listed in the “Deinterlace” section and there’s a separate AI model section so my best guess is that it’s essentially using 2 AI models now, but I can’t confirm this. Anyone have any thoughts?