Enhaced skylight from noise to decent

this double skylight is from montevideo, uruguay. from the “hospital español” (spanish hospital - spanish as spain the country) this building first was a hospital for spain people only living on uruguay. then whent bankrupt. then overtaken by the public service is now a hospital recycled to be brand new and free. this is the main entrance, the building had dozens of this skylights, damaged over time only a few survive. this is the main entrance double main skylight. i took the picture many years ago with an old phone. tons of blurryness, and noise. after several passes by topaz software i managed to get a usable picture even if a bit damaged (witch is the super compression by the phone actually) anyways this is the output. last pass was sharpen AI 3.2.1 too soft + blurry mode and adjust AI to make the colors pop out.