Endless Processing Using Gigapixel v.7.1.0

I just updated to Gigapixel v.7.1.0. When attempting to upscale an image with 3 faces using Face Recovery and Low Res v1 or Low Res v2, I get an endless spinning wheel next to “blending faces.” Anyone else getting this?

Ok. Not endless. It eventually finished after about 1 5 minutes. Previously, I could have upscaled this photo in about 30 seconds. I am processing a second image with Low Res v2 and face recovery, and it’s been spinning on “blending faces” for the past 50 minutes. Geesh!

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I’m not a fan of the dramatic increase in processing time, but I do like the results of the Low Res v2. The photo that I processed with v1 had obvious color banding and random artifacts in the output. When I processed the same photo with the same settings in v2, the artifacts and banding were gone! Unfortunately, the problem with excessive processing time (up to one hour per image) is repeated. I’ve no choice but to turn off Face Recovery until this gets fixed.

Recovery did an amazing job on this one, as long as I deselected the Father’s face. (It wanted to add a monocle.) It took less than 2 minutes to update with face recovery turned on. All the other models mangled various parts of the image (textiles, hands, etc.).



Could you verify if you’re receiving long processing times with the Recovery model or the Face Recovery model?

With the face recovery model, using either v1 or v2 of the low resolution model. It gets hung on “blending faces.” Since the upgrade, I’ve had no choice but to turn face recovery off.

Could you reach out to support (help@topazlabs.com) so we can get more information on this and troubleshoot more effectively?

I’m getting the same problem, but for me it is practically endless, the processing bar hasn’t budged for at least 30+ minutes and the model I used is standard with gamma correction and face recovery… I’m using version 7.1.1. For now I’m trying to upscale it to a lower amount of pixels, but it hasn’t worked twice already.


Yes. Email just sent.

Please reach out to support (help@topazlabs.com) as well!