Encoding Issue (solved, n ot Topazlabs issue)

I recently upgraded to a RTX 4090 and i encounter now extreme encoding issues from Topazlabs (H265 Nvidia) - see the attached picture.

Didn’t happen before when I used the RTX 3090, but I have to add, after the upgrade Topazlabs also has been updated, So i cannot say if it’s the software update or the hardware update.

Edit: Ok, I redone the same file now multiple times again. It’s completely random: Sometimes the encoding issues show, sometimes not…

Anybody else recognized such encoding issues?

Great show.
Looks like not enough bitrate to me. You can enter any number you want. You are not restricted to what the drop-down menu has.

I love it soo much, bought all the DVDs for my plex media server.
Back to topic: I found the issue. Afaik its not Topazlabs. I store my files on a eSATA Raid10 Case. Funny is, it writes with nearly 600mb/s , reading even faster… continously. But playing any media file from this storage leads to artifacts, even with ultra low bitrate video. Turned out, somehow, even transfer rates are incredible (great disks, all brandnew), the storage case became faulty. I replaced it now with a Synology DS1522+ and the issues are gone.

Anyway thx for taking your time checking, dear @ForSerious - really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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