Encoding Interlaced or Progressive?

Hi there. I am just curious about something. Are all the videos upscaled interlaced or progressive? The reason I ask is that some people that I know who also use the software say that they are interlaced if the original source is and that apps such as MediaInfo are misleading by stating they are progressive? However, I’ve done numerous tests as well and when I import the videos into other editing and/or converting software, they all tell me it’s progressive?

They are still interlaced, but shows progressive. It’s pretty bad, so I have no choice to choose Dione instead of others. But Dione is only good with 100%, and over 100% will give you ugly artifacts. Dione models need more work on artifact problems. I would be happy if they have Dione + Gaia CG, or Dione upscaling without AI sharpening. But I guess we gotta have to wait for next updates.

Just want to point out that interlacing is just part of the the video since it’s frames. Some containers have a tag to specify if it’s interlaced but it’s quite possible to have video with interlacing effects where the container says its progressive

A lot of old videos have been badly converted from interlaced to progressive without really deinterlacing them. When that happens, they are not interlaced anymore, but have a lot of combing artifacts on any motion. Since they aren’t actually interlaced, using a deinterlacer like Dione just doesn’t do the job (and nothing will).

So, the best way to tell if a file that has combing is interlaced is to de-interlace it. If it works, it was truly interlaced. If not, too bad.

My experience is that Mediainfo is most often right. Just not always.

I’ve got mixed results with interlaced DV footage. It looks good until a single frame or two present the classical horizontal lines, like the program forgot it was an interlaced video for a second and then it slapped its own head and remembered.

After reviewing my settings, they were DV lower first allright, and most of the converted footage looks fine, but… It’s a bit confusing.